Promotional videos for your organization.

Showcase Your Event

Storyquest will help you create a professional promo video that captures the flavor and feel of your event, and helps drive sign-ups for next time.

Drive Sign-Ups

Video recaps are one of the best ways to drive sign-ups for your next event.

Here at Storyquest, we’ll help you create a quality video that will engage and inspire your visitors at first glance.

Professional Promo Videos

With Storyquest, we make it easy to showcase your event with professional promo videos.

Show your audience what you offer and encourage attendance for future events.

Do better than Amateur

You need a video as soon as possible, but that’s no reason to settle for amateur work.

At Storyquest, we explore different points of view, see new perspectives, and capture the interesting and human elements of your story–even in a pinch.

Promotional Videos

Here at Storyquest, we have years of video experience in a wide range of promotional videos. Whatever your community organization or event, rest assured that we can make the right video to captivate your audience.


Short and feature length films have been our bread and butter for many years. If you have a great idea for a film to promote your organization or event, we are here to help you at any stage of the process.


Everyone has a story they want to tell. If you have one that needs to be told, we can help. Inspire your audience with a professional documentary describing your mission or community event.

“Jake’s video of our organic farm is what convinces 90% of our members to join.

“I routinely send people to his video rather than our website as it explains in about 3 minutes, with beautiful video and music, what would otherwise take 3 hours to read and be less revealing and persuasive.

On top of being our most compelling advertisement, it is a work of art. Thanks, Jake!”

Nate, owner of Eden Farm CSA

“Jake was able to take bits of information about me and my company and turn it into a cohesive compelling story that I could share with the world at large via social media and our website. ”

Maria, owner of Salon deZEN

We’ve worked with Jake for four years and can say Jake has really helped us take our brand to the next level.

Our festival was voted “Best Festival in DC” in 2019 and we’ve seen our sponsorship numbers and attendee numbers go up thanks to our awesome marketing videos

Jake has helped us convey the passion and excitement of our festival in the turnaround time needed to stay relevant in this social media age.”

Daniel, Founder/Owner of Appaloosa Music Festival

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