High quality video productions

We want to tell your story.

Your story deserves to be told. Communicate your passion with videos you can be proud of.

Have these video problems been holding back your business?

Looking Unprofessional

Professional videos showcase your company or event and can give you an edge over the competition.

Without professional-quality video, your clients might not take you seriously.

Low-Quality Video

Having no videos or low-quality videos for your company or event can be frustrating. Your visitors can’t quickly understand your message or what you have to offer.

Unable to Communicate

Don’t miss the opportunity to communicate your uniqueness to your audience.

You need quality videos that will engage and inspire your visitors at first glance.

Small Business

Communicate your passion for your business. Here at Storyquest, we tell your story.

We’ll help you engage and inspire your customers through high-quality, professional videos.


Convey your mission to donors and benefactors with engaging, unique videos tailored to your school.

Create videos that can be used as an introduction to the campus, or help drive enrollment as the message for prospective parents.


Showcase your events with Storyquest’s commercial and promotional video production. Don’t settle for amateur work.

We’ll help you create a professional promo video that captures the flavor and feel of your event, and helps drive sign-ups for next time.

Every story worth telling should be told well.

With a background in liberal arts, we’re able to explore new points of view, see new perspectives, and capture the interesting and human elements of a story.

Here’s how Storyquest is different:

5 years in the industry


Cups of coffee


Our superpower is putting the story together. We can take 2 hours of interview footage and compile it into a 3 minute video, capturing the essence of your message.

Our videos not only engage your viewers, but connect with them on both an emotional and personal level.

It’s All About You

We want to show you off. We’re not making a video to show off our skills.

Your video will be tailored to you and an authentic piece of content to inspire your viewers.

Personal Touch

We take the pressure off you. We believe in having a conversation with you on camera, not a grilling session that leaves you terrified.

By putting in time beforehand, we guarantee that you’re comfortable and sure of your video experience.

“Jacob captured the spirit of our woodshop in a way that made our business engaging, fun and accessible to clients who were too far away to visit for themselves. 

I have gotten more positive feedback, comments, and yes, SALES from our videos than from any other single marketing endeavor we have done.”

Mike, owner of Strong Oaks Woodshop

Jake did an amazing job producing a professional level video. He was very well-prepared and was able to help us make a great introduction video for our school.

“The video was edited professionally and made the interview we taped seem very natural.”

Helen Wu, Founder and Head of Virginia International Academy

We’ve worked with Jake for four years and can say Jake has really helped us take our brand to the next level.

Our festival was voted “Best Festival in DC” in 2019 and we’ve seen our sponsorship numbers and attendee numbers go up thanks to our awesome marketing videos

Jake has helped us convey the passion and excitement of our festival in the turnaround time needed to stay relevant in this social media age.”

Daniel, Founder/Owner of Appaloosa Music Festival

Here’s how it works:

1. Schedule a Discovery Call.

Call or email us to explain your project.

Tell us what you’re looking to do, and we’ll discuss the scope and budget of your project.

Then, we’ll draw up your contract and discuss a payment plan that fits your needs.

2. In Depth Meeting.

This meeting helps us learn about you, your business, your clients, and how you’re helping them solve their problems every day.

By finding out your story, we’ll know what kind of shots are needed to tell it.

From there, we’ll set up a shooting day.

3. Make the Video.

Then, everything goes to the editing room, and we work our magic.

We will create a first draft, send it to you for feedback, and then have up to 3 rounds of revisions to get you a video you are ecstatic about!

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